160 Honorio Lopez Blvd., Balut Tondo, Manila, Philippines


Current Indicator CI-88

Doppler Sonar CI designed for every type of fishing vessels and hydrographic survey vessels

TruEcho CHIRP with Unique Fish Size Indicator FCV-1900G

High precision fish size graph for effcient and sustainable fishing

Color LCD 5.7" Fish Finder FCV-628

High resolution fish echoes with RezBoost™ technology!

Color LCD 10.4" Sounder FCV-295

New digital fish finder delivers crystal clear image of fish targets and bottom structure

FCV-2100 Fish Size Indicator

Experience a higher level of accuracy and clearer target images to make the most of your time.

Black Box Bottom Discrimination Sounder BBDS1

BBDS1 revolutionizes finding fish with new bottom discrimination fish finding feature

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