160-B Honorio Lopez Blvd. Brgy. 126 Zone 10 Balut, Tondo, Manila 1012 Philippines

About Us

Since its establishment on May 5, 1981, the company remains competitive for more than three decades as the company gains the trust of its Principal Supplier Furuno Electic Co, Ltd-Japan being the sole distributor in the country in bringing the quality of Marine Electronic Equipment product in the industry.

Quality that equates high quality after sales service is the main reason we are still the most trust worthy equipment supplier of the biggest Fishing, Shipping, Sports and Recreational companies in the Philippines today.

The company expands and offers wide-range product line from Navigation, Electronics, Communications and Information, Marine equipment to government and military communications, surveillance and intelligence and information and security equipment. The power sport division provides water enthusiasts and adventurers high caliber Jet skis and all-terrain vehicles.



To lawfully abide and contribute in the country's development. We strive to bring high quality innovative products and provide first-rate services to ensure customer satisfaction.


To be competitive  in pursuit of offering to the market  the best innovative products in the country adapting in the fast-paced demands of new marketing strategies globally.


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