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     Scan Marine Inc. (SMI) is a well-established corporation existing under and by virtue of the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, with business and postal address at 160 Honorio Lopez Boulevard, Balut, Tondo, and Manila, Philippines. SMI is 100% Filipino ownership and was formed and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on May 5, 1981 with the hereunder Primary Purpose and Secondary Purpose, among others, as amended on September 12, 2002:


    To provide the Marine Industries such as but not limited to fishing, shipping, lighterage offshore exploration vessels and related industries with efficient navigational, communication, refrigeration, hydraulic, mechanical, structural, instrumentations system and parts thereof as such industries may require thru any or all of the following activities:

a) To act as brokers, sole agents, distributors, manufacturer, business, service (shore-based maintenance) agents, importer, exporter, indentor, wholesaler, hydraulic system machineries, engines, instruments, tools vessels and parts thereof as may be required by the fishing, shipping and related industries. (As amended on Sept. 12, 2002).

b) To design, plan, fabricate, manufacture (electronics products and navigational buoy), construct, assemble, erect, install, calibrate, repair, maintain (shore-based maintenance) supply in whole or in part navigational, radio communication, refrigeration, hydraulic machineries and systems engine, instruments, tools, fishing gear and other devices as such marine industries may require. (As amended on Sept. 12, 2002)


a) To enter into any lawful arrangement with any corporation, partnership/association, syndicate, entity or person/s whether domestic or foreign for sharing profits union of interest, proposal concession, or cooperation in the carrying on of any business or transaction that may directly or indirectly benefit the corporation.

b) To set as attorney in fact, manager for any corporation, partnership/association, entity or person in the administration of the principal’s property or in any manner connected therewith under terms and conditions as may be agreed upon.

c) To make, perform, and carry out contracts of every sort and kind with any person, firm or corporation, private, public or municipal or body politic, local or foreign, and to conduct its business and exercise its powers in any part of the Philippines in any and all powers, which may be necessary or convenient to the accomplishment, or furtherance of its business.

d) To do everything necessary, proper, or convenient for the accomplishment or furtherance of any of the powers herein set forth and to do every other act and thing incidental thereto or connected therewith which hereafter maybe authorized by law.

     On October 27, 2003 Scan Marine, Inc. have updated its “Nature of Business” and “Product/ Services” in the registration of Business Name under Act 3883 as amended with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI/NCR):

Nature of Business

SALES (Broker, Sole Agent, Business Service Agent, Exporter, Importer, Indentor, Distributor/ Supplier, among others) and AFTER-SALES SERVICES (Shore-Based Maintenance, Maintenance, Repair and Supply of Parts, among others).

Products/ Services:

PRODUCTS ( To provide the Maritime Industries but not limited to Fishing, Shipping, Lighterage Offshore Exploration Vessels and Related Industries: Communication/ Navigation/Electronics/ Information System, Refrigeration, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Structural, Instrumentation Systems and Machinery/ Equipment, Vessels, Engines, Tools, Fishing Gear, devices and Parts thereof as such Maritime and Related Industries may require, among others)/ SERVICES (Design, Plan, Fabricate, Manufacture, Construct, Assemble, Erect, Install, Calibrate, Repair and Maintenance, After-Sales Services and Supply Parts, among others)

     Scan Marine, Inc. is the sole exclusive distributor in the Philippines of FURUNO Electric Co., Ltd., a leading marine electronics manufacturer in Japan that provides research, new technologies and development and manufacture of products, among others in the field of fishery, electronics systems and equipment and the maritime communication and navigation systems, and equipment. Furuno Electric Co. Ltd. has Quality Management System Certification – ISO 9001:2000, JIS Q 9901:2000.

  Scan Marine, Inc is Furuno Electric Co. Ltd of Japan CERTIFIED:

- Accredited After-Sales Service and Repair Facilit
- Accredited Distributor of Genuine and Brand New   Parts of Furuno Products
- With Support from Furuno Electric Co. Ltd. in the   Quality Management System and Sales Services/   Repair/ Supply of Parts, warranty, and in the   SHORE-  BASED MAINTENANCE SERVICES/ Preventive   Maintenance Services for FURUNO marine, and other   electronics products sold in the Philippines.

Navigation Equipment

Radar, ARPAs, GPS/DGPS Receivers, Loran Receivers, Color Video Plotters, GPS Heading Sensor, Depth Sounders, Doppler Sonars, Speed Logs, ECDIS Autopilots, AIS, Voyage Date Recorder and Integrated Bridge Systems, etc.

Navigational Equipment

Color radars, Automatic Radar Plotting Aid, GPS/DGPS Receivers, LCD Plotters, Speed Logs, Doppler Sonar's, and Satellite Heading Sensor. ECDIS.

Communication Equipment

Global Maritime Distress Safety System (G.M.D.S.S.), INMARSAT, MF/HF Radiotelephone and Marine VHF Radio.

Radio Communication Equipment

INMARSAT Ship Earth Station GMDSS Radio Consoles, SSB/VHF Radiotelephones, NAVTEX Receivers EPIRBs, Weather Satellite Receivers, Weather Facsimile Receivers, etc.

Aviation Equipment

Airborne GPS Receivers, Digital Mapping Systems, GPS/Data Link System

Survey Equipment

Scientific Sounders, Sub-Bottom Profilers, Bottom Mapping Sonars, GPS Land Survey and Monitoring Systems, etc.

Training Simulators

Radar Simulators, GMDSS Training Consoles, Air Traffic, Control Simulators, etc.

Fishing Equipment

Echo Sounders, Color Video Sounders, Scanning Sonars, Current Indicators, Water Temperature Indicators, Net Recorders, Net Sondes, etc.

Information and Specialized Industrial Systems

Handheld Computer Terminals, Toll Gate Automation Systems, Robot Control Systems, Sea Traffic Control Systems, GPS Receiver Modules (for Automotive GPS Navigator)

Medical Electronics

Handheld Computer Terminals, Automated EIA Analyzer, Clinical Chemistry Analyzer, Ultrasound Bone Densitometer DNA Extraction System

     Scan Marine, Inc. success is based on providing quality fishery gears, systems and equipment, and maritime communication and navigation systems and equipment, and after-sales service/parts back up with qualified sales personnel, and efficient and quality technical services of qualified and mostly foreign trained service engineers and technicians. This tradition of rendering credible services continues to satisfy various needs of all our clients all over the Philippines.

     Scan Marine, Inc. has established branches and affiliate dealers in strategic areas in the country such as:


AU Cebu Ice Bldg.
833-835 M. J. Cuenco Avenue, Cebu City
Tel. +6322-2328870
Fax. +6332-2328879


AU & Sons Bldg.
Cordova Avenue, Sto. Niño, Bacolod City
Tel. +6334-4332304
Fax. +6334-4334292


SAFII Compound
Calumpang, Gen. Santos City
Tel. +6383-5523424
Fax. +6383-5523224


Talo-Talon Looc, Tugbungan, Zamboanga City
Tel. +63 62 991-5041


82 Delgado St., Iloilo City

     Scan Marine, Inc. up to this time has to its credit a total of 39 years experience track record as Sole Local Exclusive Distributor in the Philippines of maritime communication, navigation, electronics, and information system products of the manufacturer FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. of Japan. Ten (10) years of which is as inherited from its mother and affiliated company SEAFGEAR SALES, INC. as the Sole Local Exclusive Distributor of FURUNO products from 1971-1981, and the Twenty-Eight (29) years since Scan Marine, Inc. was formed (out of SEAFGEAR SALES, INC.) and registered in May 5, 1981 to the present. At present, more than a fifty people are under the employ of Scan Marine, Inc.

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