Company Profile

     Scan Marine Inc. (SMI) is a duly organized corporation existing under the law and by virtue of the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, with business and postal address at 160 Honorio Lopez Boulevard, Balut, Tondo, Manila. SMI was established and approved on May 1, 1981 with primary purpose of serving the marine equipment and gear requirements of fishing, shipping and related industries.

     SMI is the sole distributor of the FURUNO Electric Co., Ltd., a leading marine electronics corporation in Japan. It manufactures fishery, navigational and communications equipments for maritime use.

     As FURUNO developed the first fish finder, it was introduced in the Philippine market in the middle 70's, which was non-existent before. Years later, the traditional fishing method was broken and the fishermen started using the scientific way of fish finding. FURUNO developed other models echo sounders and sonar's which eventually led to other aspect of modern navigation and communication for maritime use today.

     Our company's success is based on providing quality FURUNO products backed up with efficient service from qualified engineers and technicians. This method must go on years before and for years ahead to satisfy our various customers all over the Philippines.

Fishing Equipment

Paper/Color Video/Color LCD Sounders, Color Scanning Sonar's, Current Indicators, Net Recorders, Temperature Ind.

Navigational Equipment

Color radars, Automatic Radar Plotting Aid, GPS/DGPS Receivers, LCD Plotters, Speed Logs, Doppler Sonar's, and Satellite Heading Sensor. ECDIS.

Communication Equipment

Global Maritime Distress Safety System (G.M.D.S.S.), INMARSAT, MF/HF Radiotelephone and Marine VHF Radio.

     SMI also distributes fishing lamps and ballasts from KOTO Luminous and DAIKO compass and binoculars of Japan, MOONRAKER antenna systems of Australia, GPS Multi Purpose Sel-Call Buoy Mk II System, Fish Reporting Buoy and Sel-Call Buoy of RYOKUSEISHA Corp. of Japan. Many fishing and shipping companies in the Philippines use these products.

     Our strength lies in providing high quality products, which we were able to back up by our strong after-sales provision of parts and service that our customers look up onto. We believe in selling these products for keeps. That is our true service to our numerous clients.

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